Cubola Awnings

Cubola Awnings have been created to offer shelter and protection from the sun enhancing outdoor living. This exclusive pergola awning distinguishes itself by its sleek and modern design. A high level of engineering design enables the Cubola to be adapted to all most any location. The Cubola can be installed as a wall mounted or freestanding pergola. Automatic roller sun blinds can be combined with the Cubola to provide side protection from the wind or to add privacy.

External Roller Sun Blinds

External roller sun blinds - SolidScreen - can be installed on windows and glass walls to reduce both solar heat gain and solar glare this is particularly important in offices where large savings can be made to the air conditioning costs.

Glass Terrace Roofs

Glass terrace roofs - Creating a contemporary covered terrace area using a quality aluminium frame supporting glass panels.

Sun Sails

Sun Sails provide alternative shading solutions for the home, pubs, restaurants and schools.

Cubolacontemporary pergola awning

pergola awning

A modern pergola awning providing protection from the sun enhancing outdoor living.

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SolidScreenexternal roller sun blinds

sun shade

This versatile sun screen provides shading for windows, doors, Cubola Awnings and glass walls.

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Solidarelarge supported awnings

solidare piazzola sun shade

A beautifully designed sun shade with a minimalistic pergola frame providing strength and versatility.

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about Flybird Installations Ltd

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality sun shading solutions from our established manufacturing base in the East of England. The last few years has seen continued growth for our popular Cubola Awning and external roller sun screening products. Attention to detail is vital when working with aluminium and we pride ourselves in producing a high quality product, designed and installed to meet your exact specification.

Heating your Cubola

Infra-red heaters the modern heating solution

cubola heating

Infra red heaters are a very efficient method of providing heat within a Cubola Awning due to their ability to heat the person rather than the air.


Lighting your Cubola

up lights/down lights integrated into your design

cubola lighting

Up lights and down lights can be incorporated into your design. Lights can be installed into the aluminium frame or below in the patio or decking.


Solar Heat Gain

the benefits from solar shading

Solar heat gain is the increase in temperature in a building or an object as a result of solar radiation. Solar heat gain increases as the strength of the sun increases. Solar heat gain can provide free heat in the winter but can also lead to overheating in the summer.
Sun shading is an important element when considering solar heat gain. External shading is the most effective way of reducing the suns rays reaching your doors and windows.



roof terrace cubola

Glass Terrace Roofs

Enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather

A very attractive and practical addition to your patio or terrace. Our terrace roofs are made from high quality aluminium incorporating glass panels. The veranda can be enclosed with either sliding glass doors or rollaway sun screens. Roof mounted awnings provide additional shade should it be needed.

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hampton court flower show

A Modern Addition!

Wall mounted twin Cubola

A modern addition for a modern house. A twin wall mounted Cubola enabled this courtyard terrace to be used as an outside dining area and lounge, whatever the weather. This fully automated Cubola could be controlled from both remote handsets and wall switches and the new TaHoma smart home system from Somfy.

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