infrared heaters

Over 95% of the energy is converted directly to infrared radiant heat which heats people and not the air.

The heat is also unaffected by the level of wind. All our heaters produce safe infrared radiant energy that is remarkably efficient and cost effective to run. Element lifespan is unaffected by the use of motion sensors, meaning that the heaters can be designed to operate only when customers are present, resulting in huge savings.

infra red heater

Increase your Profits

The Shadow+ Infrared Outdoor Heaters increase profits through more frequent use of your outdoor dining and drinking areas later into the evening and all year round. Keep your outdoor customers cosy and warm, or risk losing them to a more comfortable venue.

All Heaters are constructed from solid aluminium, providing the most outstanding resistance against corrosion - an important feature for humid climates or coastal areas.

Wall mounted

Since there are no open flames or carbon monoxide emissions mounting clearances are minimal. In fact, the infrared can be recessed into a ceiling, or even mounted close to sail cloth and awnings. The minimum mounting height is 2.3m.


The Shadow+ Heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared energy. In addition, Infrared heaters emit no harmful ultraviolet rays or emissions, making them the perfect choice for heating large outdoor areas in bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants where safety of patrons and general public is a priority.